Chainsaw Service
ProCore Power Equipment LLC
938 Cookson Ave SE
New Philadelphia, OH

Service Description

Our tune-up service includes.....

*Sharpen chain

*True / dress bar

*Clean / change air filter

*Change spark plug

*Check / change spark plug

*Change fuel filter

*Check starter rope

*Check for sufficient bar & chain oil

*Make sure chain brake functions

*Check fuel condition

*Check for loose or missing fasteners

*Check throttle trigger lockout

*Make sure choke operates properly

*Final running

*Clean unit

Should you leave fuel in the tank over winter?

"Our service techs highly recommend this procedure"

If you will be using your saw occasionally you should fill the tank with ethanol free gas.Using a stabilizer also helps keep your gas fresh. You should never store your saw on the ground as it is more likely to attract moisture that way.Get it up off the ground 5 or 6 feet on a shelf or someplace. It's a small thing but can make a great difference!


Using ethanol free gas is the best way to have trouble free storage.