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One of the major concerns of storing gas powered equipment is protecting the engine.

Fuels purchased from filling stations have a very short shelf life, with the fuel's chemical

composition starting to break down within a few weeks. If left in power tools for more

than 2 months, aging fuel will cause gummy residue to build up inside the fuel system

components, such as the gas tank,carburator and fuel lines, requiring the equipment to

be disassembled and cleaned, and possibly needing extensive repair. An alternative

to using standard gasoline, Stihl offers a premixed fuel called motomix that incorporates

additives that make the fuel much more stable than fuel purchased from filling stations.

Stihl motomix has a shelf life of up to 2 years, without breaking down and causing engine

damage. However, if you are using regular gasoline, before storing your engine

it is critical to properly prepare the tools for storage.

Wipe around the fuel reservoir cap with a clean cloth, so no debris falls into the tank.

Remove the fuel tank cap and drain all the existing fuel from the reservoir, pouring the

fuel into an approved storage container with a funnel. If the unit cannot be tipped far

enough to fully empty the fuel tank, remove the fuel line from the carburator with a wrench

or a pair of pliers and drain the fuel into a gas can. Replace the fuel line immediately after

draining the tank.After draining the tank add approximately 2 ounces of stihl motomix or

a stabilized fuel to the tank. Replace the fuel cap and gently rock the blower back and forth to

distribute the fuel. Start the unit and allow it to run until the engine runs out of fuel. Since motomix

includes additives, the fuel will leave behind a protective coating inside the fuel supply system. As a

word of caution, it is best not to simply run the blower until all the old gas is burned off as this will leave

internal engine parts vulnerable to rust and o-rings and the gasket susceptible to drying out, and cracking.

Wipe all exterior parts with a clean cloth. Remove the air filter cover and clean the air filter in accordance

with the instruction manual. Give the engine a thorough inspection, checking that all nuts and bolts

are secure and that there are no missing or broken parts.When storing your engine it is best to keep

it up off the ground. Set it up on a shelf where it is less likely to attract moisture.